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Hakosu: Ready to Fight Once Again (WIP) by TempestVortex Hakosu: Ready to Fight Once Again (WIP) :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 11 4 My 5th dA Anniversary by TempestVortex My 5th dA Anniversary :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 2 1 Happy New Year 2018 by TempestVortex Happy New Year 2018 :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 4 2 DBZ Extreme Butoden: Adult Gohan SSGSS by TempestVortex DBZ Extreme Butoden: Adult Gohan SSGSS :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 15 7 DBZ Extreme Butoden: Gogeta SSGSS and Vegito SSGSS by TempestVortex DBZ Extreme Butoden: Gogeta SSGSS and Vegito SSGSS :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 12 3 DBZ Extreme Butoden: Vegeta SSGSS (Basic Armor) by TempestVortex DBZ Extreme Butoden: Vegeta SSGSS (Basic Armor) :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 20 3 Art Trade: Playful Surprise (NishixShin) by TempestVortex Art Trade: Playful Surprise (NishixShin) :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 10 11 My Persona 4 Shipping Meme by TempestVortex My Persona 4 Shipping Meme :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 2 0 Tempest's Persona 4 Shipping Meme by TempestVortex Tempest's Persona 4 Shipping Meme :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 1 6 C'mon, We Got No Time to Waste! (DBSD Style WIP) by TempestVortex C'mon, We Got No Time to Waste! (DBSD Style WIP) :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 7 3
Sharpshot Ch. 13: The Power of Gohan's Will
"Masenko!" Gohan's voice echoed out as one of his signature attacks shot at Android 16's twin eye lasers. It easily overwhelmed them and pushed them back, about to hit the enemy. Suddenly, the inner workings of the mechanical warrior supplied it with enough power to strengthen the attack. The twin shots thickened in a physical composition that it hardly seemed like a simple, average eye attack.
'This is nothing like the 16 that I remember,' Gohan thought to himself as their two attacks struggled against one another, 'What I'm fighting feels like… a war machine right now! He has the same moves and functions as 16, but even when he fought Cell, I didn't think there was this much violent force behind his attacks.' He pushed back the opposing attack, having to put more effort into it. Now it was becoming clear that not being serious enough could pose as a fatal mistake in this situation.
The tween yelled as he tried to break 16's beams apart. It and the Masenko suddenly burst where t
:icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 3 2
They're Baaaaack! (SuntoxPan) [WIP] by TempestVortex They're Baaaaack! (SuntoxPan) [WIP] :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 14 7
Sharpshot Ch. 12: Preemptive to the Big Battle
The great battle for Genja Junction was nearly at the halfway point, as the fighting continued to grow more and more violent between both sides. As many Blood Tail men fell, many others that devoted their time to the group's cause continued to pressure the heroes bit by bit. In addition to such, their secret weapon, Dr. Gero's Android 16 model was currently taking the offensive against the Son family. But they among all the heroes of Genja were not the first to learn of this shocking twist.
Android 17 and 18, the twins who attempted many hours ago to infiltrate their secret hideaway were merely the first to feel the artificial wrath of their fallen brother. This is the story of how they barely survived the encounter.
It was in the testing room where 18's plan to have her brother collect as much information as possible, disguised as the shapeshifter Rotaho who previously posed as him, that the leader, Gachijin had made his move to trap them both, therefore blowing his cover to the membe
:icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 3 6
Super Saiyan Trunks and the Light Sword Technique by TempestVortex Super Saiyan Trunks and the Light Sword Technique :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 13 3 Valentine's Day Surprise by TempestVortex Valentine's Day Surprise :icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 4 3
Sharpshot Ch. 11: Unpredictable Friend or Foe?
"Gohan…" a voiced called to the young tween, "let it go." Lots of juvenile laughing in high-toned voices sounded off as the many Z Fighters had been occupied each with these small, blue creatures made in the similar image to their enemy. The son of Goku, standing next to the bloody body of his sister was pulsing with violent Super Saiyan power. The only thing consuming his mind was pure rage and sadness as his emerald green eyes seemed faded compared to how they were supposed to be. His father, his mentor, his brother, and his friends could all face the same fate as his sister, who he couldn't even tell if she was alive or dead.
"Gohan," the voice called again, slowly grabbing his attention, "do not let your need to hold back coupled with your emotions break you apart. Do not let Cell provoke you as he did to your brother and friends."
"16…" Gohan muttered as he gradually tried to diminish the amount of anger he displayed.
Android 16, who attempted to use a bomb within him
:icontempestvortex:TempestVortex 5 0
My artwork is sometimes more than just art. They can be my personal masterpieces!

Other Couples

Valentines day ships: 1 by chrisolian Valentines day ships: 1 :iconchrisolian:chrisolian 46 43 Fall is Here! by RyokoZchan Fall is Here! :iconryokozchan:RyokoZchan 20 12
Found this little meme and it seems to fit the latest (updated) chapter of RyokoZchan 's FF Inebriated... Do teens even play this kind of game anymore lol Whatever, it's fitting so lets do this!
1. Find 10 willing (or unwilling) participants from your OC collection. If you don't have enough, just pull out some random people from your imagination! X3
2. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.
3. Tag as many people as you like!
4. If you do not want your characters in yuri/yaoi situations, please put them in girl-boy-girl-boy order.
~ Please describe your OCs looks for me.
I'm not describing, I'll just list and you all know who everyone on this is anyway... #lazy 
Mina (substituting for Bibii)
Jake (substituting for Hakosu)
~One starts up the game with a few words and a couple of rules. You only have five minutes in the closet with yo
:icontrunkims:trunkims 1 8
AT - Sunta and Rez for TempestVortex by RT912 AT - Sunta and Rez for TempestVortex :iconrt912:RT912 6 7 Celestial Genesis: Aremitha Fake Screenshot by artycomicfangirl Celestial Genesis: Aremitha Fake Screenshot :iconartycomicfangirl:artycomicfangirl 11 7 Stream sketches 1 by chrisolian Stream sketches 1 :iconchrisolian:chrisolian 19 9 Demona x Toroken - Gift by Lil-Butterfly-777 Demona x Toroken - Gift :iconlil-butterfly-777:Lil-Butterfly-777 12 8 Toroken and Demona Rocking out! by KCruzer Toroken and Demona Rocking out! :iconkcruzer:KCruzer 5 5 Contest 3rd Prize - Iparas and Krystal by RT912 Contest 3rd Prize - Iparas and Krystal :iconrt912:RT912 5 14 AT: how to hair 101 by dbz-senpai AT: how to hair 101 :icondbz-senpai:dbz-senpai 30 6 super awesome hug time by MoonShadow34 super awesome hug time :iconmoonshadow34:MoonShadow34 3 4 :: AT :: SuntaxRez by Lil-Butterfly-777 :: AT :: SuntaxRez :iconlil-butterfly-777:Lil-Butterfly-777 9 10 Request 2 HxB by Illeh665 Request 2 HxB :iconilleh665:Illeh665 8 13 Gift 4: Bibirotto x Chibi Hakousu by Hanoi-Chan25201 Gift 4: Bibirotto x Chibi Hakousu :iconhanoi-chan25201:Hanoi-Chan25201 10 24
Witness my couples drawn by many other talented people on dA.


Android 21 is finally confirmed playable, but also is now shown in a strangely interesting new form. Did you originally expect to play as her without this form, or with this form? 

4 deviants said Originally expected her playable without the new form.
3 deviants said I'm just glad she's playable regardless of such.
2 deviants said Unsure what to think about this at the moment.
No deviants said Originally expected her playable with the new form.
No deviants said *Comment below.*


My Art and My Pairings

Topics I Make Art For:
-Adventure Time.
-Dragon Ball Series.
-Fan Fictions.
-Yu Yu Hakusho.
-Mega Man.
-Attack on Titan.

SuntoxPan/KentxMirai Pan:
You're the One (From 0CosmicGirl0) by TempestVortex Request for TempestVortex by shadvocaloidlove Popsicle Stand -SuntoxPan- by Rainstar-123

[Alt. Pair] SuntoxMikana.
It's me, Mikana (DBX SuntoxMikana) by TempestVortex

SuntoxGochi (Joint effort with ollice85.)

EvanxSunta (Crack pair with dbzfangirl98.)
Passionate Love (Late B-Day Gift) by TempestVortex

SuntoxCherrie (AU pair with Ishitai-Studios.)
New Crack Pairing: Sunto and Cherrie by TempestVortex Time on the Fields (SuntoxCherrie) by TempestVortex Cherrie x Sunto | Cherrie's First Kiss by Ishitai-Studios


SuntaxRez (AU pair with chrisolian.)
SuntaxRez, Kiss on the Lips by TempestVortex

Lady Shion, Are You Alright? by TempestVortex

Valentine's Day 2014 (EchoxAile) by TempestVortex

Two Happy Saiyans from Vegeta by TempestVortex

::Chibi Commish:: TempestVortex by honeyegg

IciclexMaeonai (Joint effort with ZWarrior95.)
New Couple: Loving Kiss by TempestVortex

SanchoxSuzy (Joint effort with honeyegg.)
Contest Prize: Sancho x Suzy by Sammeezilla

PriaxJr. (Joint effort with SSJmike22.)
Request. P.E. with a Saiyan by 0CosmicGirl0

SabaxSam (Joint effort with SSJmike22.)
Request: Saba X Sam: Underwater Romance by Mekaga

ZaretriosxMichelle (Joint effort with SSJmike22.)

AkansioxTeela (Joint effort with SSJmike22.)


[Alt. Pair] TorokenxDemona (Joint effort with ShadowkhanZ.)

AirixRey (Joint effort with applefanfic.)
AirixRey Stuff WIP by TempestVortex


MuroxCirina (Joint effort with MzMadameDeath.)
CirinaxMuro by TempestVortex

ChakraxTerra (Joint effort with GraphaTheDragon.)
Our Future Shall Always Be Bright by TempestVortex

CrowexSeraphi (Joint effort with MoonShadow34.)

SoniaxJaxx: Meet the Couple by TempestVortex

SalaxLogan (Joint effort with ShadowkhanZ).
Late Afternoon Flight (Sala and Logan) by TempestVortex

RomanxLisa (Joint effort with chrisolian.)
We're Fighting For Our Freedom by TempestVortex

Art Trade. A Memory With Mimi. by 0CosmicGirl0

CreyxCrale (Joint effort with chrisolian.) {Unofficial}
Temptation is Her Weapon by TempestVortex

LuminosxPanty (Iki-Fujisaka.) {Unofficial}
The Chibi Shopping Couple by TempestVortex Panty and Luminos by Iki-Fujisaka

FernicoxAngel (Joint effort with tjtaber.)
FernicoxAngel (Selras Christmas Contest) by TempestVortex

KrystalxIparas (Joint effort with Ishitai-Studios.)
One Small Dance by Ishitai-Studios Chibi Krystal x Iparas by Ishitai-Studios

TechnoxAndro-Kaza (Joint effort with Ishitai-Studios.)
Techno x Andro by Ishitai-Studios

TeniroxScarlet (Joint effort with VorticalFiveStudios.)
Goddess of Destruction and her Boyfriend by VorticalFiveStudios

Art Trade. Hyperlink 2 UR Heart by 0CosmicGirl0

ArashixAnika (Joint effort with GraphaTheDragon.)
AnikaxArashi (Part I) A Look at Nature by TempestVortex

BurdoxSacalia (Joint effort with Rojoneo.)

Friendly Battle!! by AbirAhmed

HakosuxBibiirotto (Joint effort with Lala-Dello.)
BxH are we a couple? by Lala-Dello .:BxH:. Happy valentines day! by Lala-Dello

GocielxMuroco (Joint effort with TheSaiyanator.)

GelidxLijekola (Joint effort with TheSaiyanator.)

HayakoxKnucka (Joint effort with Knuxamyloverfan.)
HayakoxKnucka Shy Kiss Sketch by TempestVortex

KanukixFashsa (Joint effort with legendarybrol.) {Temporary in Duration}

TokuvetexPyrha (Joint effort with QueenOfSaiyans.)

Those I know in actual life:
ciela101 time4me2 Guharfuh Chewi105 Incyray StarryKnightStudio froggydoo25



Holy crap. So I saw Toonami's preview of the first episode of the Future Trunks Saga! Yeah, I'm not looking forward to seeing Future Bulma perish again. X_X But hey! At least it's obvious that Eric Vale will reprise his role. :)
Capcom just announced the return of their Blue Bomber, and I am proud. Mega Man 11 coming in late 2018, people! And it's not 8-bit, but 2.5D and voiced. I see interesting potential here.
Hoo boy, I am totally in need of a profile upgrade... Welp, assignments first, art second... Ah, who am I kidding? :XD: Time to multi-task!
So I saw another supposedly leaked clip of a DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters of the End of Z, and this one had Kid Pan in it. I was curious as to if the voice actress was different. Is it just me or is that Elise Baughman? :XD: If so, I'm surprised. :lol:
New Sharpshot chapter coming 'atcha real soon. That's all for now I suppose. Hope you all are doing great by the way!


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, they call me Steve. I live in New Jersey, in a peaceful town that I dare not give away its name. I love, love, LOVE rock music! I have a special gift in making and playing music too. I am good with computers, and make great sketches and drawings. I am not a professional, yet, but I find drawing things to help pass by time when I need to let some thoughts flow out of my mind, or when there's nothing else to do.

Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear Llama SSJ4 by desz19 Watchers Appreciation (non-DA theme) by XxDiaLinnxX
Vegeta dancing stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Motivation...NO IDEAS by AssClownFish
My Opinion Is NOT Yours. by TheDisgusticifiedOne Artist's Block Stamp by ElDynamite Don't be an extremist D: by ChikitaWolf
Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR OC Pairings - Stamp by Petraea
RPStamp Roleplay by PharaohQueen RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen RPStamp Roleplay Mature by PharaohQueen
RP: 1st person by PharaohQueen Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae RP: 3rd person by PharaohQueen

Series that I like: Dragon Ball series, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Gurren Lagann, Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Mega Man series, Smash Bros, Pokémon, Persona series, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hellsing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, One-Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Cowboy Bebop.

Series I do:
:bulletgreen: Sharpshot: A Dragon Ball Z AU taking place in a Westen + Sci-Fi scenario. The story does feature original characters from a bunch of people I trust, but also does its best to fit well for the story its based off of, and hopefully adds a little something extra to it as well.

:bulletgreen: Hunter SOUL Assassin: Imagine human society discovering three powers, once thought to be fictional among stories and games as far as the eye could see. Since that discovery, human society has changed, where these "Common Three" have become a part of the lives to many, and have also helped bring upon technological advances. But at the same time, it comes with its fair share of consequences as well. A league of strong casters have come together under an old assassin guild's name, striving to save the innocents, and eliminate the unforgivable corrupt, called the Huntsmen. Unbeknownst to a high school teen, his best friend may have secrets tied to this organization, in which he too may be caught in the middle of a fight to end this hidden "Era of Darkness."

:bulletgreen: DataRex+: In the year 2025, a digital-like dimension is discovered by scientists, seemingly with a mutual connection to energy and data within our world. Unfortunately, this world happened to be led by a cruel leader who overthrew the God of the world, taking over and seeking to expand his rule. The human race had come together to fight back, only to almost lose all hope in surviving against the threat's superior power. Fortunately, four heroes emerged from the other world and helped push back these enemies to where they came. One year later, technological college intern Rendo Yukashi finds that the world may have not been completely safe as originally thought to be, and is given the power to fight back as the artificial warrior Cyber-Rex.

Pan stamp by pan-kt Music inspres me to DRAW by MrsDK1998 PointCommStamp:SxP by Sammeezilla When I Draw... by ElvenAngel

:pokeball: I support AmourShipping: :pokeball:
Serena stamp by SA948-Stamps Stamp: Serena XY by Endless-Rainfall Serena Stamp by laprasking
Serena Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps PKMN XY: Serena Stamp by Maiichu Serena 2.0 Stamp by laprasking
Ash x Serena stamp by LuigiandAmyfan Amourshipping (Ash x Serena) Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp

DBZ stamp - Gohan Videl 001 by hanakt DBZ animated stamp - Great ST by hanakt Gohan and Videl animated stamp by hanakt DBZ Animated Stamp - Videl fan by hanakt
Gift: GotenXGarin Fan by DreamersArcadia I support: Giran x Goten by Mate-of-Bardock PCOM: Punkish-Lozer -- Support Stamp by DreamersArcadia Stamp: Punkish-Lozer by Bleeeker Nishi Kaioshin Fan Stamp by Bella-Colombo Piman Stamp by Lala-Dello Imo Stamp by Lala-Dello Trunks x Marron Stamp by trunkims
Krystal Fan Stamp by Ishitai-Studios Iparas x Krystal stamp by BriskGoddess
Stamp: NeRsa17 by Bleeeker Stamp: GxN by Bleeeker Stamp: GohanxNess by Bleeeker PC: Punkish-Lozer [1/2] by Bleeeker Shina Stamp by Rainstar-123 Iron Man Stamp - drunken Tony by The-GreenGoblin
Briestopher Stamp by TempestVortex LacexSidka Stamp by TempestVortex
Stamp Family: LeMixie by DreamersArcadia Kida Fan 2 by DreamersArcadia PCOM: Punkish-Lozer -- MystiQueen Support by DreamersArcadia PCOM: Punkish-Lozer -- Nessie-Noodlez Support by DreamersArcadia Request #1: Bibiirotto Fan! - Stamp by MalachiteMyst Bxh Shipper by Lala-Dello Bibiirotto|STAMP by Lala-Dello Bibiirotto Stamp fo Lala-Dello by Rainstar-123
I Support AprilxBardock (2) by Mate-of-Bardock Goten and Trunks Dance stamp thing by Juan50 I support Aruka stamp :D by RyoGenji
Zarima stamp by FearlessSouls Stamp: Linnah by Bleeeker Stamp: Kira by Bleeeker
PCOM: Lexeh123 - DXG Stamp by DreamersArcadia PCOM: Lexeh123 - CXS Stamp by DreamersArcadia Badge: Shion by TheRedKunoichi
Ed Stamp by LaraLeeL Stamp: Lady by wLadyB91
Valese by desz19 Paresu Fan Stamp by LittleMirai
Reka Stamp by Rainstar-123 Sam stamp by BriskGoddess

[About Face: Expressive as YEAH!]
Interestingly enough, I have been tagged by :iconartworx88:, and am being asked to share 8 facts for Sunto. Considering how my drawing/completion pace hasn't been fast enough to provide something worthy of my page, I'll gladly oblige. Go ahead and check out her page by the way!

1. Post all the rules!

2. Post 8 facts about your character!
3. Tag 8 other people!
4. Post their characters names with their owners!

Facts about Sunto:

1.) Normally I have two different main versions of my character.
  • The one you usually see is Sunto as a half-Human/Saiyan hybrid who gained his alien genetics from a magical infusion process performed by a race of mystics. Sunto, later on, would be called forth by this race to handle an evil that they have tried to keep at bay for a long time.
  • The other one is Sunto as a basic human pureblood but still shows promise and skill as a martial arts warrior.
2.) Sunto has been through plenty of different revamps in terms of me trying to fix any issues with his basic story, character personality or design, or even if it just involved some of his smaller but somewhat apparent details. But I can definitely say that I've had a decent, long-running version of him going for several years now.

3.) As far as I can remember, Sunto's battle style usually involves a balance between close and long-range fighting, while also keeping a steady focus on knowing the enemy, oneself and not letting yourself be completely restricted. Sunto is therefore capable of thinking up some quick possible strategies whenever they may be needed to turn a fight to his favor.

4.) I've had Sunto paired to Son Pan for a long time now. The reason I had chosen her was that I always felt she needed a special someone that respected and understood her, and wouldn't try to hold her back unless it was for a good reason. I'm glad there are people out there who honestly find them interesting, and I have you guys to thank for supporting them.

5.) Sunto was my main hero in my Xbox 360 playthrough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. After recently getting an Xbox One to finally play my copy of Xenoverse 2, I transferred him over to the game, thus making him the hero of Toki Toki City who put an end to Demigra's plan with the Time Patrol. I definitely enjoyed using him to experience the first game, and kinda wish that perhaps there will be an update where we can play Parallel Quests and etc. as our transferred hero soon enough.

6.) While I'm not saying this fact to point any fingers at Dragon Ball Super, I will admit that I found it interesting how Goku's Ultra Instinct "Omen" form takes in qualities similar to Sunto's Hyper Spirit Cycle technique, which was one of the harder things to plan out for him a few years ago or so.
  • While Sunto's body does not act on its own, resulting in automatic defense or dodge maneuvers, Hyper Spirit Cycle heightens Sunto's mental senses to an extremely high degree which, in turn, enables him to be aware of oncoming attacks of sorts, allowing him to react accordingly without wasting much time on making his next move, whether it's offensive, defensive or otherwise. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that he can still possibly take a hit ot two depending on the circumstances of battle.
  • Both states (currently) have a downside which involves the user's body becoming fatigued or strained should the form wear off on its own. While Ultra Instinct "Omen" seems to depend on Goku providing enough stamina and focus to maintain the power he is given, Hyper Spirit Cycle requires Sunto to maintain enough stamina in order to sustain the increase in power he provides. Should a nasty enough wound/hit or blast damage him, or should Sunto become too wiped out to continue utilizing the technique, causing him to revert to normal, it most likely leaves him vulnerable and in a dangerous condition. In addition, turning it off also can take enough effort to properly prevent any strain or after effects from occurring.
  • Both techniques are very capable and enlightening to the user that evolving through prolonged usage is a possibility.

7.) In terms of comparison towards Goku, Sunto shares his values of protecting the defenseless and innocent. Yet Sunto takes such views more seriously, and will not let the fact that he has Saiyan blood make him someone he isn't. He truly cares about his friends, allies, and family, and will not hesitate to save them if they are put in a dangerous position. Though this allows him to fight at his best and try to cause the least amount of consequences through such, it also may act as a somewhat occasional weakness to him, especially since he would not hesitate to smack some sense into Goku or etc. if he feels it necessary.

8.) Sunto's father, Pick Hatchilock is also the CEO of their family company, Hatchilock Inc., known for creating technology devoted to the safety of others, such as security systems, protective gear or robots, and so on. The company is on great terms with Capsule Corporation, especially with Pick and Bulma having a friendly sort of connection to each other. As a way of showing his thanks, Pick requested that Bulma would be Sunto's aunt when he would soon be born. Therefore, Bulma and Sunto have a wonderful aunt-nephew relation between one another, even if they aren't related by blood.

People I'm tagging:

:iconkoozan:, I'd like to hear some facts about Koozan.
:iconvorticalfivestudios:, I'd like to hear some facts about Zero.
:iconcarameja:, I'd like to know more about Avran Skull.
:iconrojoneo:, I'd like to know more about Curknox.
:iconryokozchan:, considering I just saw you introduce this new character, I'd like to hear a few tidbits about Kole if you can. If not, then I'll gladly go with Lace instead.
:iconrainstar-123:, I'd like to know more about Masha.
:iconartycomicfangirl:, I'd like to know more about Ayako Mine.
:iconhanoi-chan25201:, I'd like to hear some about Kiara.
  • Watching: TeamFourStar - Xenoverse 2
  • Playing: Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition
  • Eating: Dinner
  • Drinking: Milk


Traditional Lineart
I will draw your request in the form of a lineart in Traditional Style. Backgrounds can be added for free.

*I will return 5 :points: through every purchase since I could not sell it for 15, and yet that was the original intended price.
Flat Colored Traditional Piece
I will draw a traditional piece and also color it in without highlights or shading. Backgrounds can be added for free.
Full Colored Traditional Piece
I will traditionally draw your request with color that includes highlights and shades.

*Backgrounds from a source (such as a photo or screenshot) are free, but backgrounds that I will draw to add to the piece cost an extra 5 :points:.



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We are awesome, and don't forget that!


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This new feature let's you guys know how I'm doing with certain stuff.

Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi Not started yet.
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victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
hey there, are you satisfied with the way i drew sunto?

victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
hi there my oc zokuen is hokusa's opponent, could tell me what he's like and what he can do?

TempestVortex Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Ah yeah, I saw. Hakosu is a human martial artist, but he's not weak compared to most that you'd likely see from the usual Earthlings. For what he's like, I'm trying to redraw him right now, but you can find some pictures in my gallery. As for what he can do, he has your basic skill set of flight, Ki sensing, and so on, while also boasting a well-trained fighting style. So it's not like he's just a guy that fights because it's what he does, but he has actual experience under his belt.

As for any specific moves, he has the Ba Xing Quan, which works similar to a Kaio-ken, but only boosts his power by x8 and also amps up his speed, durability, physical strength, and ability to manipulate Ki. He also has the Genso no Reiken, a powerful punch where he focuses a lot of power into a strong swift hit that has a good chance of knocking a foe unconscious if they don't know what's coming to them. I believe that's pretty much the basics. Hope this helps, and I'd be glad to know more about Zokuen whenever you have the chance.
victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
sorry for the late reply. as you know zokuen is a pure saiyan with his tail intact.
he is skilled with a sword but doesn't use it in a competition, has a basic skill set of flight ki sensing and so on. he has access to ssj,ssj2,ssj3 but dislikes using the latter 2 unless its necessary, he can use the Kamehameha, emerald spin( think a super compress rasengan.) and the shining blow(compress large amount of ki to his right arm for a powerful straight punch, with a terrible recoil which damage said arm.)

Zokuen likes to have fun in a fight.
TempestVortex Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Alright, sounds good. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to switch characters, being as I realized it was a Saiyan tournament. But don't worry, I'll be sure to make this quick for the sake of both of us.
victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
thanks that helps alot, also a bit in to his personality would help too. and later to night i'll give you a run down on zokuen.
Koozan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017
Hey man. Did you hear about all that Yamoshi stuff? I really want to see that as an OVA.
TempestVortex Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I feel like that doesn't have to be necessary. :lol: When I see things that are specifically talked about, usually I take them as a sign of the creator open to allowing the viewer to determine how it works or plays out. Even though that was the case with how we didn't know about the first Super Saiyan God, I feel like even after we learn about Yamoshi, which was an interesting explanation, and a good way to explain why the Super Saiyan God legend was in a Namekian book in the first place (because Super), I personally think it's OK if an OVA isn't made for the time being. If they do decide to do it, good for them. :giggle: That's just me, though.
Kalinka-Shadows Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
Would you be willing to do a sprite sheet?
TempestVortex Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Hello there. It depends. I believe I might be able to do a few sprites or two if that will suffice for now. But who or what is it that you'd like me to do? Lemme know and I'll see what I can do here.
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